The deadline for consideration for the 2016 World’s Most Ethical Companies was December 1, 2015. The 2017 process will open July 1, 2016 however, benchmarking opportunities against the honorees is available year-round. We invite you to complete the 2016 Ethics QuotientTM for a comparative analysis.

Why Your Company Should Complete the Ethics Quotient

  • Learn your scores – your Ethics Quotient (EQ)
  • Gain an understanding of not only what’s trending, but why
  • Compare your practices to those of the World’s Most Ethical Companies
  • Utilize this knowledge to move forward

Responses to the survey are 100% confidential and Ethisphere does not name or publish the list of applicants who are not honored.

Complete the form below to be notified when the 2017 process opens or if you are interested in benchmarking against the 2016 Honorees.

More About Why the Ethics Quotient is a Powerful Measurement Tool

  • Collaboration yields success. Completing the Ethics Quotient requires you to work closely with your colleagues in ethics, compliance, audit, risk management, HR, and more. The relationships you forge through this process alone are matched only by the data and insights gleaned after the fact. You’ll finally have a true gap analysis that allows you to focus your team’s efforts and prioritize your program building efforts. That’s likely more helpful than another offsite meeting to discuss programming in a vacuum.

  • The value is in the process itself. Take a look at a redacted Analytical Scorecard to more completely understand what you’ll receive when you participate. [Request sample here]

  • You benchmark against leading companies, not just anyone. Companies that we honor as World’s Most Ethical Companies are not just anyone – they lead their industries and are rigorously vetted. So you’ll be compared to the best of the best, and not to companies who are merely taking a few minutes to complete a simple online survey.